Detect, investigate and respond to attacks on your entire network.


Vectra NDR | AI-Powered Network Detection and Response

Your network is the foundation of your business infrastructure and requires a highly effective cyber defense strategy. Without the proper level of network visibility and the tools to quickly contextualize a wealth of security data, external attackers and malicious insiders will maintain an advantage and cost you millions.

Vectra Network Detection and Response (NDR) is the industry’s most advanced AI-driven attack defense to identify and disrupt malicious tactics on your network without noise or the need for decryption. Vectra NDR leverages AI™ Security-Driven Attack Signals Intelligence to ensure early visibility with clarity, precision and context to eliminate unknowns and expose threats, attacks and malicious activity in a complete chain of suspicious events. With Vectra, organizations effectively see, understand and respond to threats and attacks that other solutions ignore, so security teams spend less time tuning, hunting and investigating – and more time enabling business growth.

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Why do companies choose Vectra for NDR?

  • Attack Signals Intelligence provides rich signals that analysts can use to automate manual tasks related to threat detection, triage and prioritization.
  • It ensures that you know if and when your network has been compromised and that you are prepared to manage the best outcome.
  • Accelerates threat detections by expanding coverage, reducing investigation time and significantly reducing mean time to respond (MTTR).
  • Automates the manual tasks associated with level 1 and level 2 analysis to reduce the overall workload of security operations.
  • Stops attacks in progress and gives security analysts more time to proactively hunt and search.
  • Eliminates mountains of false positives and the associated tasks of hunting and investigation, which can impose more risk.
  • Deploy everywhere in physical, virtual or cloud environments.
  • Integrate seamlessly with cloud networking, firewall, XDR security and SIEM/SOAR.

Main challenges addressed/use cases:



  • Lateral movement
  • Unusual network activity
  • Mean Time to Respond (MTTR)
  • Overloaded hunting and investigation
  • Real-time intrusion detection
  • Improved understanding of the attack


Main features of the solution:

Visibilidade de Rede

View, analyze and store all network activity and reveal hidden malicious behavior without prior knowledge or pattern detection. Automatically track attacker activity, including abuse of privileged credentials, lateral movement, command and control and remote execution across your network and distributed host system environments locally and in the cloud.

Detecção Impulsionada por IA

Vectra NDR automates threat detection with advanced analytics, deep learning, complex behavior analysis and insights into attacker methods to effectively discern incidents from billions of data points, just like an expert analyst. Teams can identify threats and attributions around malicious network attacks and transactions, including duplicate or asymmetric traffic and encapsulations to automatically distinguish the veracity of weak indicators, evasive and unknown patterns and detect up to 90% of the attack tactics and techniques listed in MITRE ATT&CK.

Triagem Impulsionada por IA

Prioritization is taken to the next level with an ML/AI approach that further analyzes active detections, the context of each one, similarities between events and scores to assess the urgency of each true positive detection without any human involvement. Analysts can spend more time on urgent incidents while reducing the pool of detections that need to be reviewed by 80%.

Priorização Impulsionada por IA

Vectra NDR automates prioritization that scales the most urgent threats, scoring and ranking thousands of events as they occur and to the degree of a highly experienced security analyst – putting relevant details at your fingertips in milliseconds instead of minutes and hours.

Investigação Avançada

Constantly derives knowledge from your ever-changing network infrastructure and presents the information you’re most looking for: Looks for anomalous outbound data flows, even on encrypted channels.

Correlates detections between host entities, learns the archetype and identifies each object to present information in various ways that allow you to easily see relationships, characterize intentions and understand the impact on business.

Ações de Resposta Incorporadas

Designed to ensure patented MITRE D3FEND countermeasures for powerful response action to contain, investigate and remediate compromised systems. Your teams are more focused, more efficient and effective and, as a result, you reduce analyst burnout and turnover.

Find out how the Vectra AI Platform works:

The Vectra Threat Detection and Response (TDR) platform combines complete attack surface coverage across public cloud, SaaS, identity and network. Leveraging AI-driven Attack Signal Intelligence, get unmatched signal clarity that puts you in control while defending against modern, evasive and advanced cyberattacks.

  • Attack Coverage: Erase unknown threats in 4 of your 5 attack surfaces – cloud, SaaS, identity and networks.
  • Signal Clarity: Take advantage of Attack Signal Intelligence to automatically detect, triage and prioritize unknown threats.
  • Control: Arm human intelligence to hunt, investigate and respond to unknown threats.

Enhance your Vectra NDR Solution with the following:

  • Vectra Match: brings intrusion detection context to Vectra NDR by coupling Suricata-powered exploit detection and AI-driven detection to contextualize attacker behaviors.
  • Vectra Recall: allows your SecOps team to backhunt threats using enriched network metadata organized by hostname and IP address. Store and search through your network metadata for as long as you need with unlimited cloud-powered scale.
  • Vectra Stream: allows your network metadata enriched with security insights to be transmitted directly to SIEMs and data lakes for your own customized models.

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