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Boost cyber resilience with the Forescout Platform: Comprehensive protection and compliance for your digital assets.

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Network Access Control (NAC)

It strengthens and automates Zero Trust policies, guaranteeing least privilege access to all devices, whether managed or not, on the network.

Network Segmentation

It allows segmentation throughout the company to meet its various domains and use cases, helping to fulfill compliance, regulatory or internal requirements.

Security Automation

    It helps improve security posture, ensure compliance, and increase the efficiency of security operations (SecOps) by automating security and response processes in third-party products that the customer has already deployed.


      It enables the end-to-end cyber resilience of an OT/ICS network with a comprehensive asset risk framework and threat detection through deep packet inspection of all industrial network protocols.


        Automates the detection, investigation, search and response to advanced threats in all connected assets – IT, OT/ICS, IoT & IoMT – from the campus to the cloud, through the data center to the edge.

        + DE 3000 Client implementations

        Average ratings in Gartner Peer Insights

        +20 Years of experience

        + 1000 Collaborators around the world


        Forescout is the only automated cybersecurity company that identifies, protects and continuously ensures the compliance of all managed and unmanaged assets so that the client can more effectively manage cyber risk and mitigate threats.

        “Forescout allows us to tackle complex security challenges. We build something, configure it and forget about it. Basically, we’re making technologies communicate with each other and then solving problems in an automated way. Automation allows our employees, our security team and our security operations center to focus on what really matters.”  

        Nick Duda

        Principal Security Engineer , Hubspot

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